Yirgacheffe Adame / Ethiopia



Two 12-ounce bags of Yirgacheffe Adame at $20.00 each.


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Yirgacheffe Adame / Ethiopia

Raisin  •  Date  •  Brown Sugar

2 12 oz. bags at $20 each.  Free shipping.

From the Adame Kebele, this coffee offers a classic Yirgacheffe profile.  Yirgacheffe is among the most celebrated names in the coffee world, produced in the Gedeo region of Southern Ethiopia. This coffee has a crisp, citrussy brightness over a dark chocolate roast tone, with very distinctive flavors of Earl Gray tea–that is, black tea with bergamot floral notes. You’ll also find very recognizable blueberry highlights as the coffee cools.  Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and it plays a central role in the local culture and daily life of everyone, from most rural village to the highest offices of the capital.


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