Yego / Rwanda 6 Bags



Six 12-ounce bags of Epiphanie at $19.00 each.


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Yego / Rwanda 6 Bags

Raisin  •  Date  •  Brown Sugar

6 12 oz. bags at $19 each.  Free shipping.

From the Remera washing station in southern Rwanda, this is our original supplier at Peace River Coffee–the first we procured back in 2009.  Epiphanie is named for Epiphanie Mukashyaka.  After the Rwandan civil war and genocide in 1994, Epiphanie was a primary force in rebuilding coffee production in her region–she has been an inspiration to thousands.  This is a beautiful East African coffee, reflecting the depth of flavor of the bourbon varietal (the coffee, not the alcohol).  It’s got complexity, juiciness, and good citric brightness.  From a great community of dedicated growers.


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